Drug Dealers & Doctors; Trust and Reason. Procuring Freedom through Inner Dialog.

I have a strong tendency to default into skepticism or suspicion when I see commercials, YouTube videos, or hear about someone selling some product that 'supposedly' has health benefits.  Why the suspicion? Is someone 'selling' their own product a cause for putting them in a line-up?  I quickly suspend my judgment and listen for the information, then research it myself to see if it has substance.  

Doctors and dentists, pharmacists, nurses, nursing assistants, orderlies, clerks, nursing homes, medical record departments, ambulance drivers, police, and others people involved in health matters...drum roll...get paid (sell their services)!

Dr. Joel Wallach is in his 70's now, I do believe, and he sells a line of health products. He looks pretty healthy, but looks can be deceiving.  I don't sell his products, so I have no interest in making money off of you. I DO care about people generally so I would hope people would listen to everyone with an open mind. Being teachable is an effective trait for learning new information. The intelligent student asks questions and conclusions are forthcoming as a temporary password to future questions to bridge the shore of reason to the path of faith.  Suspicion, in other words, is a lack of faith.  

With Surrendered Thinking, I don't have to trust anyone or anything, because I trust that my life is aligned in the perfect place for the greatest good at all times and in all places.  My relationship to any given message in space and time is a choice I call "mine".  I am free, therefore, I can accept everything in my life is there for a purpose, right down to the smallest circumstances which most people have desensitized themselves to even notice.  These smallest circumstances, when focused upon, are just holograms of the bigger picture, and vice-versa.  If my reaction is free of assumption, then I am free to act.

The Prayer Effect, AKA the Placebo Effect, is as true for "Modern Medicine" as it is for Ancient Medicine.  Faith works, even if faith without works is dead.  The Placebo Prayer administered to the unbeliever is as effective as it is to the Believer.  But the Believers who had the Prayer Effect administered are more likely to heal than the Believers who are given a Prayer Placebo.