One Man's Breakthrough & the Wounded Healer

Today's speeches went well. After the MADD Impact Panel, a man (let's call him "Tim") and I talked for a while. He said he just prayed for an answer to a deep dilemma (being an Atheist for years, praying was not typical for him) and in my speech he found exactly the answer he was just asking about, that of loving and forgiving oneself.  I believe I am in charge of what I say, but others are in charge of what they hear.  But when our thinking and hearing, seeing, feeling, etc, is surrendered, it changes everything.  No one holds a universal skeleton key which can free the mind from itself.  As Einstein pointed out, the mind which created the problem can't remedy the problem.  I don't buy that idea, but entertaining the idea leads one closer to release of the restrictions of belief.

He was wondering if he should give up, feeling utterly worthless and unloved by himself (before the Panel). He reported feeling a newfound hope (the light in his eye evidenced his sincerity) and had a breakthrough. But he wanted to know the process I used to accept the love of myself.

I explained the Mirror Therapy exercise that I did for 8 years, and how I experienced self-healing. I proposed that we spend a lifetime repeating messages which either free us or that keep us trapped, resulting in the hypnotic maintenance of a trapped, self-made condition.

But the hypnogogic condition is not itself only problematic, but rather serves as the way out, too. If we convinced ourselves that we are not innocent, then we can convince ourselves that we are innocent.  It's another way of viewing "Recovery".  We recover what we were before the "Fall" if you will.  

Repetition is the mother of all learning. Repeat a new message, and eventually, we hypnotize ourselves and recover the image we were born to be.

It's related to the limited scientific idea which Joe Dispenza talks about: "Neurons which fire together, wire together." But thought precedes the brain's firing of electricity and are visible as neural pathways and networks are observable, while thought from the mind is non-energetic and therefore invisible. Maybe it's the space or nothingness between molecular structures, holding everything in place.  

Guy Finley teaches about the folly of thinking about things we don't want or don't like because it leads to obtaining what we don't want or like. Oddly enough, even if we have every beautiful thing in the world, if we are thinking of something else, then we get the 'something else' in our consciousness and the visible becomes irrelevant.  Rich people who seem to have every benefit have committed suicide.  What they had didn't kill them, but what they thought, did.

There's no such thing as reality; there's only perception. Maybe perception is just so-called knowledge and even creates the condition we desire to evade.

So we covered these ideas and more, and he walked away with gratitude lighting his path.  

Prayer is the Distant Mental or Spiritual Influence that exists in all times and places.