Blog Interview

I've gone to great trouble to erase unwillingness to listen to all points of view. Agreeing is not the point, but finding peace in the midst of any given proposition is an imperative in my life. I OCCASIONALLY actually succeed in my goal! LOL! Quick to listen, slow to speak.

Suspend judgment, listen, think and once in a while, speak. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I pray before I think and pray before I pray.  That is, I ask that my prayers be directed, then trust that every thought in prayer thereafter is blessed, because I surrendered my thinking.  My HP God answers prayers.  When I give it up, God shows up.  Ain't no three-day waiting period, either.  

I did an interview yesterday with a Blog Radio Show Hostess with the Mostest, Anne Carlson. I'll post it when she finishes the editing process. It covered a lot of areas in my life that I rarely talk about, like prison staff having inmates killed. But mostly, I talk about healing and love.