Call to Empathic Realists: Fellow Right-Brainers of the World, UNITE!

At an Artist's Way Meetup a few years ago, I purchased a book, titled, "The Right-Brain Business Plan, A Creative Visual Map for Success", by Jennifer Lee.  I am reviewing this book since I'm finally taking classes on drafting a business plan. NOW is the time to get the energy flowing.  I'm also conducting a class on Vision Boards for MN-DEED on April 6th for the Job Club and taking ideas from this book for teaching aids.  I have done Vision Board classes with Ex-convicts at 180 Degrees, knowing that if we change our vision, we change our future.  Karen Casey wrote a book that I referred to with clients on probation, titled, "Change Your Mind, Change Your Life."

I saw so-called Offenders walking away with a spark in their eye that shone with hopefulness long-since dampened by life's' circumstances.  But we are more than what happened to us and more than what we've done.  I AM MORE THAN MY MUGSHOT.     

After my release from Stillwater Prison, I acquired tools in Lakewood Community College on how to study effectively.  It must have helped because I was a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the Honor Society.   One of those tools was to write down what I learned and then to teach it to someone else.  It aligns with the idea in recovery, that, "If you wanna keep it, you gotta give it away".  Therefore, I am telling you about this book and touching on Vision Boards for your edification.  

If you are a Left-Brain thinker, this book and the idea behind Vision Boards might seem childish, but to Right-Brained Intuitives like me who swim in creative compassionate ecstasy, aka Empathic Realists, this book might be exactly what you are looking for!  So check it out!  Jennifer Lee has the eBook version if you want it, though I Old Schooled it by getting the paperback version.

Rock On!  Oh, if you are interested in attending our Artist's Way Twin Cities Meetup group, here's the link: