Change Your Mind and Your Allergies Will Follow

I remember the day I decided I am not allergic to pollens. I reduced my reactions to it significantly. It's AMAZING what the mind does to us. They've shown through studies that people with Multiple Personality Disorder can be allergic to a thing in one personality, like nylon, and have a severe reaction to it. But in another personality, have ZERO reaction to it. Some people have breakthroughs with hypnosis, too, with fears, allergies, and more. The way we talk to ourselves is critical to healing, big and small. Studies in the Spontaneous Remission of Incurable Diseases (Chapter 2, Evolve Your Brain by Joe Dispenza) approaches the ART of Healing if you will. The Quantum Art of Healing might be a better phrase. Anyway, THINK about it less if it's negative. Quit thinking about things you don't like or don't want. Fake it until you make it.