Morning Ritual (because not all habits are bad)

“I paint not by sight but by faith.  Faith gives you sight.”  Amos Ferguson


The way we start our day can make or break us.  How do you start your day?

Here's how I start mine.  When I awake in the morning and open my eyes, I also open my heart, mind and spirit with an “Attitude of Gratitude,” thanking my Higher Power for another day of life.  Regardless of what might be happening in my life, this is my law od self-care. 


How did I get inspired to take this course of action?  Well, I initiated this Morning Ritual as a result of hearing Chris Berg speak at a Mother Against Drunk Driving Victim Impact Panel.  A drunk driver hit Chris, and she incurred severe brain trauma in the crash, losing all of her memory from the point of impact backward.  She did not remember her family and friends, fiancé, the fact that she was a manager for a store, or valedictorian education, pets, etc.  Chris went through hell to get her life back.  She is now married and has a beautiful daughter.  Chris said, “Every morning when I wake up when my feet hit the floor, I thank God for another day of living.”  Chris is a fantastic role model.  I figure if Chris can do it, then maybe I can do it too.  From that day forward I have been thanking God for another day of living every morning that I wake up.  Thanks for that Chris.


Next, I grab a pen and paper so I can take notes, and turn on encouraging programming. I spent the next half-hour listening and processing ideas to give me strength.  I pray and meditate upon how I can use what I learned to help someone in the day ahead.  “If you want to keep that you gotta give it away.”


Then I turn to my daily readings.  At the time of this transcription, this morning, I read from The Artist’s Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity”.” Then I read my daily reflection on Facebook, written by Karen Casey.  Lastly,  I look for ways to offer encouragement to someone in need.  Every good thing in my life has come as a direct result of helping others, so it’s a win/win to give and receive love for healing.


Finally, I turned to my prayer list, and let the spirit and lead me in what to pray. 


Now I’m ready to meet my day with gratitude and vigor.Love is my religion. Action is my Gospel.  Laughter is my Holy Spirit.  Now, make someone’s day magical.