Truth and Trust: the Art of Connection

Truth without compassion is cruelty. Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don't say it mean.

We had just shy of 100 professionals committed to helping youth attending the YIPA event today.  Some folks from 180 Degrees showed up and talked about Britany's House, which in my estimation is the best thing that ever happened in Minnesota. They help Sex-Trafficked girls have a chance to just be girls again!

We also had four women from MCF-Shakopee come in from the Challenge Incarceration Program, and they were spectacular! It is so uplifting to see people turn their lives around and find support in the system that is GENUINE. Sargeant James Churchill accompanied them; I have heard him present on several occasions at various Minnesota Correctional Association trainings. He's the REAL DEAL!

We did have some Minnesota Representatives show up, so I know there is interest in helping fund Youth Intervention. Paul Meunier, thanks for all you do with YIPA! I'm proud to be a member of your wonderful organization!