Convergence & Synchronicity

Convergence & Synchronicity have been powerful in my life, so I celebrate your words, even where words fail. The heart of a word is rarely seen, for it is buried beneath the soil and would not take root sitting on a museum relic shelf on display. Yet we love to see the seed and meditate on its beauty; but the plant that bore the seed is sometimes forgotten. Remember what unlocked your heart in the first place, and treasure that moment, even if the catalyst has long since passed. The poem I sent you, Since Feeling Is First, was told to me by my lover who has since passed. She drank herself into the next world, but her healing powers will never be forgotten by me. I wish she could have healed herself. She said I was the Healer, but we both were. You, Melanie, might be a Healer, too. Right? A Healer is someone who had something to heal from, and then passes it on, planting the seeds of forgiveness, peace & love. You are a beautiful soul and I felt your innocent power. We are all innocent, but so few among us ever touch that part of ourselves, so we need to transform ourselves into Messengers of Remembering...remember who we really are and not what the world has said we are. It's an honor and a privilege to have played a small part in your recognition of being on your Sacred Path.