Interesting Day (Second Chance Coalition & Hay House Radio Call to JB Glossinger


This morning, we were at Second Chance Coalition on the Hill today (St. Paul, Capitol Building in the Rotunda)! First, I want to thanks to Randy Anderson of Second Chances, and Christen Munn from the Minnesota Community Corrections Association! It was also great hearing Attorney Mark Haase speak! I noticed my friend Earl Miller showed up from Amicus Services of VOA Minnesota and Wisconsin, as did Steve Nelson from VOA, a long-time activist! :-) I would also like to thank Colleen Dorsey for stepping up to the plate to help with her HR skills, and a special thank you to my Senator Patricia Torres Ray for all of her hard work! The Senator from Detroit Lakes, Kent Eken, agreed to help with our cause, too! Thank you, one and all!

After I arrived home, I prepared to follow through on an agreement to call Hay House Radio, for a program titled, "The Morning Coach," hosted by JB Glossinger.  He fielded some questions I posed regarding reinventing my career, notwithstanding the felonious choices I've made in life. He had some great suggestions upon which I will absolutely follow through on.  

Since I live my life for others, I asked, at the end of my call, what I can do for him, and he said, "Nothing. I'm happy." Well obviously, that is awesome, as I intuit he has a heart of service. However, I wanted to give him something, anyway, so I wrote him the following story that touched my heart:

Some years ago, Mother Teresa was being interviewed on a Portland Radio station. She was promoting a new Homeless Shelter. At the end of the show, they said, (close quote), 'Mother Teresa, you have lived your life trying to help others. What can we (we, being there were two radio talk show hosts) do for you?' She answered, "What you can do for me is that you go find someone who feels utterly alone, and then convince them that they are not alone. That's what you can do for me."

I love you.  Pass it on.  If you don't tell at least three people a day that you love them, you have probably wasted a day of your life.