MADD Panel, Ramsey Washington

Our MADD Victim Impact Panel was attended by 182 people.  Dour Feltman was the Videographer (courtesy of Century College) and was the consummate professional.  He handled our PowerPoints and Programming flawlessly.  

Quite a few people came up to have a conversation with me after I spoke.  I love how people's hearts were open when we talked.  To me, that's a totally, "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" indicator.  One of the young men I spoke with told me about a book he is currently reading, titled, "A General Theory of Love", authored by Richard Lannon, M.D., Fari Amini, M.D., and Thomas Lewis, M.D.  He said the principles I was addressing in my presentation were exactly what he was learning from this book.  I then asked him if he ever studied "Synchronicities" and he laughed, saying, "Yes.  That's also in the book" (an ironic synchronicity).  

A woman from Stillwater was in the audience.  She looked like a mother who brought her son to the Panel.  She said, "You'll be hearing from me for sure."  I don't know if that means she has a place for me to speak, but I could sense sincerity.  Many other people also made heartfelt comments.  I'm so glad MADD had afforded me an opportunity to share my story and work to turn lives around.

Forgiveness always runs deeper than the offense that preceded it.  No offense, no forgiveness.  But when the offense is more powerful than the forgiveness, pain prevails as the outcome of not healing deeper than the wound.