The World is Better Off Without "ME"

The Victim Mentality CULTURE OF BLAME, AKA E.G.O., "ME" programming perpetuated by the Powers that Profit from said separation, LOVE LOVE LOVE to separate us for money (from our money) and control the inner chambers of our self-perpetuated mental prison.

More simply stated, "A house divided cannot stand."

The biggest groups in the world are male & female. It's no surprise that Genderism is promoted on so many levels. If we 'got along' and didn't live in a compartmentalized 'Perpetrator Consciousness' World or mindset, then maybe, just maybe the idea Christ supported might prevail, to wit: 'In the Household of Christ, there is not male or female, Jew or Gentile, Master or Slave'. 

Even in the centers of Christianity, churches are dis-integrating, breaking apart and the Genderists are pouring "poor me" cocktails into the sermons.  Men & Women groups are being normalized, all contrary to what Scripture reflects.

Let's call to question ALL of our belief systems.  Whatever 'calls into question' our thinking processes has the probability of distilling freedom societally.  How can we "Let Go, Let God" when we don't have the integrity to question our convictions?  How can the Holy Spirit help us discern what's true when we are angry, fearful (fear is not of me), ashamed, or otherwise contaminated by the addiction to judgment.

To me, Genderism is a more significant problem than Racism. It affects more people. Indeed, the world would be better off without "ME." Peace Through Love (PTL = God is Love).