Being of a Sober Mind & Heart

Sober CHEERS to taking our power back from negative egoism. Confidence without conceit is a beautiful thing. Truth without compassion is cruelty. Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don't say it mean. But sometimes, IMO, we just gotta say it ANY WAY WE CAN in order to birth ourselves into a Higher Form of living and loving.

Someone's always gonna be offended, no matter what we say or do. I am NOT their problem. Happiness is a choice.   They are their own problem.

As long as it's truly my HEART talking, I am on the right path.  My heart knows who I am, because I surrendered my heart to God and I understand God, and I TRUST a Surrendered Heart over the brightest of human minds.  The mind is a SERVANT of the heart, or maybe its Protector.  Heart and mind should be a Team.  The heart is the feeling part of the mind and the mind is the thinking part of the heart.

Earth School is not always the easiest place to co-exist, but I choose to love and forgive, despite the temperature of any given moment.