Fallacy: We Can't Give Away What We Don't Have

I've always thought the belief, "We can't give away what we don't have" was a fallacy.  After years of contemplating the idea, I still believe it's not true.  I have given the action of love repeatedly and next week I'll be giving a group of people hope when I don't have any.  I'll be giving them resources I can't afford to give them and they'll accept my offering.  I feel like any organization unwilling to pay a speaker to present to their staff probably doesn't think their staff is worth the expenditure.  But I digress, it seems, but the opposite is true.  If they don't care about their staff, why should I?  Why?  Because "I choose to"       like Neo told Mr. Smith before giving up his lifeforce.  If equal affection cannot be, let the more loving one be me.  But doing this doesn't pay the bills in this world, but maybe my Guardian Angel watches over me to make it possible.  Maybe love is its own reward.  IMO, no one understands the first thing about love unless they give it away with no expectation of return.  Yet it's always a shocker to me when I realize that to others, I'm just a paycheck...coming...in.  

Who knows why some people make a lot of money while others don't?  I don't love money and the day I died in prison and came back, money and things of this world meant little to nothing.

Funny how people go to the fair and yet say, "Life ain't fair."  True, the fair ain't really living.  It's pretending to live through external stimuli, the rhapsody of fantasy and all that good stuff. Nothing wrong with going to the fair any more than it's wrong to stay home and take psilocybin and go to a different fair.  One is legal in the dream we call life and the other is illegal.  I'm not saying people should use drugs to attend their own personal fair.  I'm just saying the paradox of right & wrong is always present in every dualistic dogma.

But I'm just making a quiet noise, like a poet falling on a pencil in the woods, no one knows the tree that died to make a pencil.