No One Comes Out the Way They Went In

They have a saying in prison, "Nobody comes out the way they went in".

But guess what? When a judge embarks on their career, they're probably pretty excited about their prospects of making the world a better place to live in. But the truth is, even for a judge, or a cop, or social worker, or an attorney, or a civil rights worker, or a minister, or a humanitarian, or even for most great spiritual leaders, maybe the same truth encapsulates their lives as well.

Nobody comes out the way they went in.

However, we often show up for one reason and stay for another. It's not what happens to us that matter so much as how we respond to what happens. Our world seems to be addicted to judgment. When we criticize anyone for anything, I suspect we are really only proclaiming that our defects of character are superior to their defects of character.

The most secure prison in the world is the one we are in but don't know we are in. The invisible walls are always more secure than the solid ones. Dressing up slavery and calling it freedom, and then charging extortion to support the illusion of the equality is the sorest type of any inequality that exists.