Born Again Militant Atheism

For me, God is Love (or Good Orderly Direction). There's nothing to 'overcome' in surrender.

EGO = Edging God Out. Well, religionists can ESO = Edging Science Out, too. For me, Science & God are not opposites. Science "believes in" theories and some members "believe" in God or not. But whatever I choose to believe in is up to me.

A perfect circle rarely exists in nature, but when we pull out our tools and draw one, we might as mathematicians get excited. We might even have a 'relationship' with math. C'mon, I have heard countless people say they "LOVE" math.  There's nothing wrong with that any more than it's silly to "LOVE" God.  Math without a relationship is akin to the truth without paradox, because "truth" without a paradox is dead, just like faith without works is dead.

Here's an exciting circle:  An Agnostic says they don't "know" if there's a God or not.  Well, I believe there is a God, but I don't "know" it, either.  I guess that makes me an Agnostic, of sorts.  Here's the Full Circle Rub:  if someone knows there's a God, they have just destroyed faith.  If we see it, what value is there in belief or faith?  What human perception holds for religion and science today will change over time.  I would rather be on the Learning Curve of any given discipline than on the platform of an Agenda.

Intelligent people build prisons to think inside of, just as much as religionist can be dogmatic.  Some militant atheists need a God in whom NOT to believe.  I called this brand of Atheist, "Born Again Atheists." 

Emily Dickinson said, "Dwell in possibility." Maybe Possibility is a Higher Power. I accept everyone whether or not they have a belief in a Higher Power (or not) and have enough self-respect not to feel threatened by an absence of faith that looks like mine.

We can love each other, even if we might not like someone or what they believe in, per se.

Me, I like everybody. That's one of the values that come from not making OVERthinking a Higher Power.

Live & Let Live is a GREAT Slogan.