We are more than higher mathematics and the manipulation its comprehension benefits "us".

I still hear it argued that IQ & physical and mental health gene pools can be a gene pool problem, decipherable by in vitro processing to promote ‘human flourishing’. Biotechnology has the potential to promote more than human potential. Like any dictator, it can be malevolent or benevolent, a technological nightmarish apocalyptic undermiracle, or a rise of the Titans to destroy the gods of science. Embryo selection and the profilers that identify desirable traits serve the selector, like the Bureau of Prisons feeding the Department of Justice who is paid to correct the correctors. Maybe the legacies of Atlantis hiding in the gene pool of all humanity or not, but who gets to decide? The elimination of hereditary diseases is attractive? Sparta did this in theory, by casting all of the non-blonde, non-blue-eyed babies to their fate in ravines (to free the gene pool of lesser taints). It’s an interminable slippery slope that hides like an egoic infection in the intellects of the ‘masters of the universe’.

In any given family, sibling IQ rates rarely differ more than 15 points, and the Guinness book of world records show the highest IQ’s come from two persons with high IQ’s having offspring. Yet, we don’t have Atlantis purifying and directing our evolution, nor have we abolished slavery, genderism, sex-trafficking, addiction, and the other vices plaguing humanity.

Compassion, if it can be bred, should be inculcated from the desire to evolve, and not vice-versa.  Maybe there is one difference between folks with high IQ's and those without such privilege, is people with privilege 'get away with' their crimes of non-compassion.