2017: Another Year with MADD

The Wisdom of Forgiveness & Celebration of Speaking for MADD

January marks my 26th full year as a MADD Speaker.  I've worked very hard to effect change in our society surrounding alcoholic-impaired decisions, especially in relation driving.  But more than this, I've worked to overcome resistance to self-care through an Education of the Heart.  When people care about themselves, they care about others, too.  While self-love is not a prerequisite to loving others, it sure makes loving others run deeper when we come from that deep place of healing that self-love brings to the fore.  I also pursue Forgiveness-Consciousness societally.  Ironically, forgiveness cannot transpire unless there is an offense to forgive.  The good news is that forgiveness is more impactful than the wound from which it grew. To quote Oprah, "Make your wounds your wisdom."